Advent In Avalon

Winter Solstice

The rebirth of the sun

A time for reflection

Where the red water runs

At the foot of the Tor

A holy place

Sacred and serene

Away from the rat race

If they beckon

You must answer the call

To the well

A source of life force

Replenish your energy

Cleanse and purify

Banish your demons

Held by the light

God is love

And love resides there

Drink from the chalice

And your soul repair

Whatever trials or troubles you

Know that it’s a test

Find forgiveness there

Find redemption and rest

Fortify yourself

And receive His benevolent grace

Traverse the healing waters

Barefoot, humble, embraced

Emerge from your chrysalis

In preparation for the next cycle

Redeemed and purified

Protected by St Michael

The dawn of a new decade

Is only days away

The anniversary of the birth

Of Christ we shall celebrate

A time to clean the slate

Begin a brand new chapter

Intention setting to manifest

A future filled with rapture

Know thyself

And cut thy losses

Severe ties

Yet cultivate riches

Nurture positive influences

Follow your inner bliss

Give thanks for all that radiates

Beauty and happiness

Know that you are blessed

Deserving and worthy

Recognise your divinity

Even though you’re presently earthly

Follow Bethlehem’s star

To illuminate your path

When weakened pray for Him

To support you with His staff

And then rise again

Like a phoenix from the ashes

Of the purging furnace

That illusion shatters and smashes.

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