Rabid and Racist

You never really know someone

What goes on in their minds

Until the apple cart is overturned

And they let rip with words unkind

Until they feel slighted

Which in fact they got so wrong

And they accuse you of despicable deeds

That their paranoid mind has spun

And so it transpires you’re a ‘liar’

Then evidence they demand

Apparently you’re on trial

They’re the judge and jury, they command

You to produce something

That actually doesn’t exist

You tell them so

But they won’t let it go

And so they persist and persist

And then they start

To hurl RACIAL abuse

At your ‘Englishness’

And the cannon comes loose

It hits the deck

Explodes in a fury

The red mist arises

You attack in a frenzy

Unleashing a verbal

Firing squad

On the defence

Against a slanderous sod

So far removed

From reality

Utterly deranged

And too blind to see

You actually told the truth

And never did lie

They just chose not to believe

Although you did try

So another ‘friendship’

Bites the dust

To come such a cropper

It clearly wasn’t robust

But to be racially slurred

Your character assassinated

Shows such a low opinion

Of you – you’re exasperated

And such a contempt for the natives

Of the country they occupy

When they blatantly state

They’d rather not integrate

With the ‘English’ they clearly despise

So beware who you trust

For a viper can lurk

Neath the costume of an ally

Ready to bite you and go berserk

Their true colours surfacing

And the venom they’ve concealed

Rising to the surface

With a turn of the wheel.

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