The Nightmare Before Christmas

Whether you vote Tory

Or whether you vote Labour

Whether you abstain

From using that piece of paper

Keep it under you hat

Because to publicise it will just inflame

The deliberately divisive debates

That are nothing but a game

For divided we fall

And united we stand

For divide and rule

Is the ultimate plan

Split the country

Down the middle

Blame each other

For the Brexit fiddle

Get the general public

At each other’s throats

Then for the competing parties

Expect them all to vote

Get them all to trudge

To the polling stations

Right on top of Christmas

Fanning the flames of a confused nation

At what should be

A time of peace

So many heightened emotions

So much unrest and unease

Let’s all talk manifestos

Instead of goodwill to the world

Let’s see our ‘leaders’ at loggerheads

And rage against the machine unfurl

Let’s whip the country

Into a frenzy

To hell with seasonal cheer

Give em politics aplenty!

And overshadow what should be

The happiest time of the year

A time to lay down arms

A time to forget our fears

Yes, deprive them of that

Give them much to worry about

Get spinning that spin, ye doctors

Get them soap boxes out!

Bring out the boxing gloves

Play dirty, certainly don’t play fair

Crack on with the smear campaigns

Don’t even come up for air!

And put Brexit in prime position

The burning ‘star’ atop the tree

The catalyst for everything

Threatening to end democracy

What a brilliant idea –

Whitehall, you shouldn’t have!

To hell with the birth of Christ

The PM’s job is up for grabs!

And so instead of celebrating

We all engage in our various campaigns

Perhaps set ourselves up for a fall

If we have our hearts set on who ‘wins’

But if someone ‘wins’

Someone always will lose

And we really should be as one

Not divided and having to choose

So, like I said, keep schtum

If indeed do this we must

Then get on with having fun

And commemorating Christmas.

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