Labour Of Love

‘Twas the day of the election

And all was insane

Boris actually hid in a fridge

Dodging interviews again

He stood up Radio 2

Upsetting not just Jeremy Vine

His flunky swore on live TV

Yesterday morning at breakfast time

Can’t say I’d appreciate him

Delivering my milk

Wouldn’t want it to curdle

From being exposed to someone of his ilk

Corbyn, on the other hand

Is rapidly showing himself to be

By and large the better man

Wanting to improve lives for the many

So think very carefully

Before you cast your votes

The Tories have cocked up everything

Maybe Labour should have a go

Don’t normally do

Actual politics

But this year I’d really love

To boot out all the pricks

Who don’t give a damn

About the likes of us

Who are struggling to get by

And working off our nuts

The country’s in dire straits

I fear for the NHS

I’m sickened by the sight

Of increasing homelessness

I’m furious that the rich

Are in the minority

Yet they hold all the cards

And all the power and money

We all deserve to live

Not exist hand to mouth

If wealth was distributed evenly

This mess could be sorted out

Share and share alike

That’s what I was taught

Greed is one of the deadly sins

But some their riches hoard

So vote for each other

Not just for yourselves

Vote for a better future

So that everyone does well

The Messiah isn’t coming

So let’s be our own saviour

And on this Election Day

FFS please vote Labour!

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