Another One Bites The Dust

Another one bites the dust

Guess I was overcome with lust

Another apparent dead end

Bittersweet sorrow descends

It seems we’re doomed

And you took me for a fool

I’m seeing your true colours

And they’re blatantly uncool

Thought we’d had a blast

But it wasn’t meant to last

You were only pretending

You’re not the person I befriended

Running around

Up to no good

Wheeling and dealing

In the neighbourhood

Keeping me waiting

Because you can’t be honest

You’re clearly all talk

And can’t keep a promise

I gave you too many chances

In spite of all the red flags

All you’ve done is take

Then left me when I was flat on my back

I called you in distress

But you were compassionless

Playing the cunt to your audience

Taking the piss without recompense

A silly little boy

Who hasn’t grown or put down his toys

No sense of responsibility

Just drifting through life carelessly

Well, I’m done

I’d like to say it was fun

But now I’m weary

Albeit not teary

I’ll never cry over you

Because it’s a good thing we’re through

Best to find out now

And cut my losses somehow

I admit this will be tough

But right now I’ve had enough

You disrespected me

When I was on my knees

I reached out to you for comfort

But you were too fucked to offer it

You prioritised having a good time

Over coming to be by my side

So sayonara

And don’t come back

You clearly don’t give a damn

And I deserve better than that.

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