The Bull

The bull in the proverbial

China shop

Threw its weight around

In a major strop

Everyone in the vicinity

Ran for cover

Quaking in their boots

Waiting for it to be over

No one understood

What had vexed the bull so

But it literally ran riot

Putting on a real show

Making a spectacle

Of itself

Whilst bystanders trembled

And uneasy felt

No one dared to challenge

This raging animal

They simply walked on egg shells

Feeling vulnerable

Until the storm had passed

And they were no longer in danger

And the bull had calmed down

And was no longer raging

The problem however was

That this was a temporary reprieve

The bull was a repeat offender

Though still permitted to roam free

Which baffled many

Who couldn’t understand

Why no one did

The bull reprimand

But this was a wild beast

So could not be ‘civilised’

Could not undergo anger management

Like, perhaps, you and I

So why let it loose

In a public place?

If it couldn’t be taught

The error of its ways?

Perhaps it had escaped

And now couldn’t be caught

But it’s antics certainly were

Food for thought

The sight of that bull

Out of control

The way it made people feel

Was a lesson to behold

It wasn’t a pretty sight

Everyone was a wreck

And many of them vowed

Themselves to protect

By staying away from the bull

And the china shop


If it could not be stopped.

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