A sudden flush of terror
Heart beats ten to the dozen
Palpitations and cold sweats
Rigid, almost wooden

Suddenly it’s panic stations
The power to think is lost
You feel the need to flee
Run away, but at what cost?

Stressed and scared, your stomach flips
Brain races, you feel sick
Where did it all go wrong, you cry?
How did you miss a trick?

The anxious mind is purgatory
And what’s more there’s no escape
Cloaked in horror it weighs you down
You wear it like a cape

You need to chill
To calm your head
Be anywhere but here

But how to escape
Your own sick thoughts
When crippled all over by fear?

Hit the bottle?
Have a fag?
Do anything to block it out

You have to keep
A lid on it
But really you want to shout

“Help me, I can’t stand it!
Ease the pain I’m in,
Comfort me, I’m at breaking point
This battle I can’t win!”

Then all of a sudden
The wave has passed
You snap out of it
Just like that!

A gibbering wreck
You take a breath
And think:
‘I am such a t**t!’

You brush it off
Shake yourself down
Tell yourself that you’re fine

But deep down you know
It’ll come back someday
And catch you by surprise

Anxiety, anxiety
Be gone, leave me in peace
You’re twisting my sobriety
I want to be released

One day I will conquer you
Without the need for drugs
Holistically I’ll vanquish you
No trace you’ll leave, no smudge.

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