Poetry ❤️🙌🧚‍♀️

‘Friendly’ Fire

What the hell just happened?

The skies are now full of rain

There’s an aching in the pit of my stomach

As I wrestle with this pain

You cut me deep

With your unbridled anger

An ambush of words

But I didn’t sense the danger

Until I scrolled down

And unleashed the tirade

Nestled in the penultimate paragraphs

And felt your unbridled rage


And way over the top

You could’ve said it more kindly

A bomb you did not have to drop

A sneak attack

From way offside

The tactics of a sniper

There was nowhere to hide

Felled in a hail

Of verbal bullets

Mortally wounded it would seem

The death of a friendship

I treasured the most

Psychologically shattered, bereaved

Grieving now

Powerless to act

You’re gone forever

There no turning back

You seem to have overreacted

Erupted like a volcano

I’m pretty sure that my misdemeanour

Wasn’t the only trigger for this molten lava show

But I was certainly the target

Right in your firing line

And now I’m not sure if I can forgive

Let alone forget this crime

I really didn’t deserve it

I’d have never obliterated you

It seems you’ve got some serous issues

And I simply lit your fuse

Your resentments must have festered

Masked with a smirk of hidden barbed wire

Until they overcame you and your acidic ulcer burst

Spewing apocalyptic vitriol in a hail of ‘friendly’ fire

I knew you were dangerous

I sensed something was amiss

Intuition never fails

I just wish I had listened and spared myself this.