Six Months Later…

Dad, you’re in the wind
That blows across the moors
In that place where you were born and bred
The North East that was forever yours

We visited there yesterday
And felt you acutely everywhere
It’s only natural that you would return
To that place of your birth

As we retraced our former family life
A million memories flooded back
Pictures of you in my mind’s eye
As if it were only yesterday, alas

Overflowing with love
My heart began to ache bad
Overflowing with tears
I yearn for my newly lost Dad

It was only six months ago
That you took your leave of this zone
And the pain is harder to bare
The closer I am to home

Spending time with Mum
In your neck of the woods
With you so obviously missing
Has us both in floods

We hold each other tight
And comfort each other as best we can
It’s bittersweet and poignant
And I do worry for Mam

But she’s doing great, I guess
Better than expected
I thought she’d be more of a mess
But that’s me underestimating

She’s doing the best she can
And coping remarkably well
I’m proud of the panache with which
She’s navigating this hell

You’d be proud of her too
For I know she was your world
You took care of her in so many ways
From when she was just a girl

It’s weird to see her without you
Going it alone
But she’s stronger than any of us thought
So rest in peace, Dad, she’ll be fine, I know

We’ll be fine and must carry on
There’s no turning back the clock
And thought it’s earth shattering to have left you behind
You certainly won’t ever be forgot.

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