The Ills Of Bills

Bills are driving me
Round the bend
Incessant fees
That never end

Rent, Council Tax
Energy, Water
TV License
All bloody extortionate!

‘Priority’ bills
I hasten to say
Default on which
They’ll put you away!

To be prioritised
Before actual food
Or the bailiffs will descend
(Just to lighten the mood!)

What is the point
Of paying for a roof over your head
If you’re gonna starve to death
By settling such debts?

They’re telling us that
The most important thing
Above avoiding personal famine
Is being mugged by the system – kerching!

“It’s so much more vital
To be taxed within an inch of your life
Than supplying yourself with gruel
If you can afford some – Christ!”

“Yes, bills come first!
And what’s left is for you!”
Ergo – a deficit –
We’re totally being screwed!

The amount you now have to earn
To just about break even
Increases ever day
So forget disposable income!

Apparently, we’ve been “spoiled”
And “never knew we’d been born”
Well, I beg to differ,
Getting f**ked over has been the norm

Only now it’s more obvious
As more brazen have they become
Our self-appointed ‘Rulers’
Those responsible, the scum

Who metaphorically reside
In their ivory towers
Presiding over the peasants
Gorging on money and power

To be used against
The lowly ‘plebs’
Who bow down and pander
To their despot like authority, I regret

Too complacent or brainwashed
To rise up in arms
Too docile and damaged
As though bewitched by the charm

Of some satanic spell
Cast upon the globe
To dum the masses down
In order to impose on them an earthly hellish abode

Yes, Hell on earth
As that’s how it feels
To inhabit this planet
With the tax man hot on your heels

Lurking in every nook
Every cranny of life
As you pay through nose
For a flaming grain of rice!

For a morsel, a crumb
As you tighten your ever tightening belt
Unable to breathe
Such is the hand we’re being dealt

Never before
Have I been about to blow my lid
As much as I am today
As I consider how I can go off grid

But the march of capitalism
Grows in momentum all the time
Soon, unless we fight this,
There’ll be nowhere left to hide

For I’ve said it before
And I’ll say it again
Only air is still free
If you’re not too choked to breathe it in

And with schemes such as
The Ultra Low Emission Zone
Ever expanding
It won’t be long before there’s a toll

To consume oxygen
That is pure and toxin free
Pollution now rife
Even that is becoming more deadly

Thus, we’re basically buggered
Effectively getting crucified
And I humbly pray when I die on this cross
I don’t get resurrected and return at Easter time

God forbid I do a Jesus!
And have a second coming!
For I couldn’t think of anything worse
That retuning to this sh*t – I’d be fuming!

For once it’s over I’ll be glad
I’ve escaped this spiritually squalid rat race
And I’ll waft around to my etheric heart’s content
With a massive smile on my invisible face.

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