The Castaway

So here am I
Alone with myself again
Rediscovering how to be
Solitary, knowing not when it will end

I do not miss him
But there is a void
Though I am better off this way
My vision has been destroyed

I do not wish
To traverse my future

I want something sweeter

Of the right blend
A distinguished consort
To a hand lend

Why I have failed
To actually achieve
This up until now
Does make my heart bleed

I kinda know
Where I sometimes went wrong
But I cannot be completely to blame
For having no heart in which to belong

The frogs keep a’coming
No sign of a Prince
They’re drawn to me
And I’m at a loss as to why this is

It really needs to stop
But how do I fend them off?
When they cling to me so blindly
Like a magnetic flame to a moth

Feeding off me
Like I emit some addictive elixir
And I know not how to turn off the supply
So irresistible to broken souls and tricksters

Am I too nice?
Or gullible and naive?
Am I a catch (for I think not!)?
Or am I simply someone to love and leave?

My body is weary
My optimism is fading fast
I fear that the road before me
Is paved with only loneliness, alas

I fear being the last woman standing
On an island in the remotest sea
I fear no man will ever in my lifetime
Truly love and honour me

And I have no clue
How to fix this glitch
And thus I conclude, in my particular case
A life such as this, truly is a bitch.

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