Broken slumber
Is the price of grief
Awake in the small hours
Because mourning runs deep

A night time routine
No need for an alarm
At 3am do my eyes open
Whether I want them to or not

I feel you in the ether
Still pacing around your home
Gentle β€˜cobwebs’ caress my face
I know I am not alone

Subtle tingles
Down my arm
The softest pressure
Causes no alarm

Your presence approaches
Tentative and sweet
As you enfold me
I begin to weep

Tears cascading
Down my cheeks
My aching heart
Gets some relief

I know you’ve come
To comfort me
β€œDon’t cry” you say
β€œI am now happy”

I cannot see you
Yet we meet
Every night
Since you fell asleep.

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