Sucker-Punching The Solstice

NOTHING to look forward to

What’s the point of this f**king existence?!

Society closed for the foreseeable

And no outraged, united resistance!

Under house arrest

Christmas cancelled for the first time in history

The government dictates and we cower and obey

Complicit in our own f**king misery!

Incandescent with rage

I’m pacing inside my gilded cage

Climbing the bloody walls

I’m incensed and so sick of it all

How can this be tolerated?

The saga goes on and on

Businesses going bust, a breach of trust

And it’ll continue in 2021!

It’s inhumane what is happening

Suicides will go through the roof

We have to put a stop to this sh*t

Do you think forced isolation is better than the truth?!

We can’t all live like this

I’ve had beyond a gutful

A pox on the population alright

It’s worse than a living hell

Where’s our backbone?

They’ve got us on our knees!

The only way is up –

Resist for Godsake, please!

They are in the minority

And allegedly are appointed by us

If we put them in power we can bring them down

For bringing us to breaking point – we must!

Even in wartime

Christmas Day marked a truce

It’s a universal festival

But this year completely cooked is everyone’s goose

If we let them get away with this

This tyranny will just get worse

We mustn’t comply – we all must fight

And lift this satanical curse

I don’t know what the endgame is

But I’m educated as to all the theories

That frequently now are becoming reality

And I’m beyond despairing and weary

You cannot escape it

For it’s a global nightmare

Sinister and surreal

In your face it stares

And it’s not friggin COVID

Thats the enemy

It’s a systemic eroding

Of our civil liberties

Just in time for the Winter Solstice

To harness the power therein

And the astrological alignment

Of Jupiter and Saturn once again

The first time in eons

This has come to pass

A critical time energetically

I just pray that this evil it can counteract!

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