The Black Sheep

Christmas looms

After a dismal year

2020 is finally on its way out

Yet still we are being urged to exist in fear

I say ‘exist’

Because this isn’t living

Being imprisoned

Divided at a time when we all should be giving

And uniting

To celebrate

Showing our love

Instead of having to isolate

Instead we can’t socialise

Or travel very far

The economy’s in dire straights

And times are really hard

Conflicting advice

Dubious statistics

Literally reduced to Tiers

And a threatened third lockdown is driving us ballistic

The population is divided

As some conform and some rebel

While others sit somewhere in the middle

And what ensues is akin to hell

Constantly having

To watch what you say

Palpable paranoia

As long standing friends fall out due to the state of play

Snitching and sniping

Grassing each other up

The people police

Standing in judgement – WTF?!

Live and let live

That is my rule

Don’t inflict your morals on anyone else

Unless you’ve walked in their shoes

I’m exasperated with this nightmare

How much longer can it last?

If this virus is so deadly

Why aren’t the streets piled up with corpses, might I ask?

Why aren’t the morgues

Overrun and bursting?

Why aren’t the Nightingale Hospitals

Full instead of deserted?

Why did we have a month

Of the Eat Out To Help Out scheme?

A relaxation of rules in the summer?

Then a descent back into hysteria from Halloween?

It’s utterly bat-shit crazy

It’s either a pandemic or it is not

And don’t get me started on the knee-jerk vaccine!

What a very convenient twist in the plot!

Intended to be jabbed in the arm

Of every human walking the planet

Untried and virtually untested

Funded by Gates and other Silicon Valley magnates

Who are devoid of medical training

Yet who are being pressed for their ‘expertise’

Which consists of stockpiling billions

And smacks of an insatiable desire for power and greed

The rich get richer

As this global ‘emergency’ is beyond lucrative

And the poor get f**ked over once again

As their livelihoods are obliterated

And it’s actually all materialising

In glaringly obvious plain sight

Right before our (closed) eyes (for some)

Are we being plunged into this desperate


The propaganda machine

That perpetuates this terror

Surpassing itself right now

As we comply en masse – a fatal error

Like lambs to the slaughter

Docile and blissfully unaware

Are those who swallow the official narrative

Sleep-walking to their doom – I despair

The dismantling of democracy

A descent into dictatorship

Freedom revoked for the foreseeable

And so many acquiesce with it

So many – but not all – thank the Lord for that!

For every herd a black sheep has

And if enough black sheep form a herd of their own

We can put a stop to this world gone mad

I’m convinced this shall definitely come to pass

For we must carefully watch those that are quiet

The majority may currently be ‘silent’

But in time I predict a riot

And by the grace of God

Sanity will prevail

We’ll win this psychological war

If it means fighting tooth and nail.

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