Something Changed

Funny how when you’re not looking

Something catches you unawares

Funny how when you’re minding your own business

Intensity strikes from nowhere

Funny how when you click

In the most inappropriate of situations

You find yourself on a precipice

Of unrealistic expectations

Funny how certain vibes

Pierce you to the core

Funny how you’re propelled

Into sensing / wanting more

Funny to have to wrestle

With animal instincts you didn’t invite

That somehow ignited inadvertently

And set your furnace alight

Funny then when there’s a shift

In the energy and the walls come down

When somehow there’s been an abrupt change of heart

And there’s no turning it around

Playing on words

But nothing was said

It was all in the ether

But the fire is now dead

Not sure what extinguished

The flame that had accidentally kindled

But whatever it was has been snuffed out

And the enthusiasm has certainly dwindled

Maybe an invisible line was crossed

But it’s difficult to tell

When dealing with double-entendres

You don’t always detect alarm bells

But now they’ve clearly tolled

And their chimes are deafening

Ringing in my ears

The dawning of sanity begins

It was surely sweet while it lasted

But the plug has definitely been pulled

The fluffy pink cloud has dissipated

And the amber embers have cooled

Have I been strung along?

Or are there too many strings?

A chord was struck but now it jars

With my illusion of greater things

Not sure how to proceed

It takes two to Tango, not one

I’ve got a decision to make

And a lot of thinking to do…

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