The Psychological Apocalypse

Protestors gathered

In Trafalgar Square

So little news coverage

It’s like they were never there

Yet thousands came

United they listened

Outnumbering the police

No one could be imprisoned

The next protest scheduled

For September 19th

At the very same place

Midday – to fight for peace

Denise on This Morning

Impassioned spoke her truth

Something funny’s going down

You don’t need to be a sleuth

The media scaremongering

We’re threatened with lockdown again

To ‘protect’ us and ‘save lives’

When we’re hit with a ‘second wave’

More and more people

Are waking up, demanding answers

Higher profile figures

Speaking out and taking chances

Icke’s been predicting this

For the last 30 years

Ridiculed and hung out to dry

He overcame his fears

They tried to silence him

Closed down all his platforms

Censorship of free speech

Has got the masses rattled

A movement is gathering force

A tidal wave is coming

The powers that be had better watch out

The people are standing not running

We need to come together

Challenge the official line

The measures in place are farcical

Changing all the time

They don’t make sense –

A mask on your face?

Wash your hands?

It’s a f**king disgrace!

Stay apart?

But let’s open the bars?

Don’t go to work?

But eat out while some starve?

The economy’s been crashed

Whilst we isolated, terrified

And we’ve all been fed

A barrage of lies

The virus may exist

But the ‘pandemic’ seems to be

A mechanism manipulated

To instil horror in society

To make us compliant

As we cower and hide

Whilst they erode our liberty

But not everyone is blind

We’ve seen it coming

Over decades we’ve watched and learned

Some have done their own investigations

Conducted their own research

The alternative media

Is where it’s at

Not what’s on TV

Which frankly is nonsense being spat

Out of the mouths of puppets

In the pockets of the governing elite

There to serve the agenda

To ultimately bring about the defeat

Of civilisation as we know it

All around the world

It’s started and cannot be denied

The psychological apocalypse unfurls

But as depicted by The Moon

Deception eventually comes to light

Hidden secrets discernible

When dawn breaks on the night

The smokescreen disintegrates

The Wizard is exposed

And I truly believe we’ll win this ‘war’

If we rise up, en mass, eyes unclosed.

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