Shelf Life

Some might say I’m lucky

Some might say I have it all

Some might say I’m free

At no one’s beck and call

Sure I can do

What I want

Stay out late

No one waiting at home

But I’ve been given enough rope

To hang myself with

Too much of a good thing

Isn’t the way I want to live

I want someone to worry

I want someone to wait up

I want someone to give a shit about me

Reign me in when I’m acting up

I want someone to have my back

Walk with me along this road

A partnership is what I lack

I want someone to share the load

I’m not needy

I’m independent

I can provide for myself

But being solitary is relentless

For too long now

I’ve had to be strong

And I’m weary of it

I crave a hand to hold

Don’t think me weak

For being honest

We all thrive on love

There’s just not enough of it

The single life

Long ago

Lost it’s charm –

I want to build a home!

With someone who

Will compliment

This life I’ve built

Because I’m almost spent

And some TLC

Wouldn’t go amiss

Someone to hold

To hug and kiss

Freddie nailed it

In his song

“Can anybody

Find me someone

To love?”,

Because I’m full of the stuff

I just don’t know what to do with it

And it’s tough

Guess I’ll put it in storage

Along with my hopes and dreams

Keep waiting for something to materialise

Keep the faith and see if it peace brings

But I can’t wait forever

For that deadline has actually passed

Now I’m into eternity

Or rather purgatory, what a laugh!!!

The littlest hobo

All by myself

Putting on a front

That all is well

When inside I’m actually

Throwing a tantrum

Bound in chains

Trapped in a vacuum

Devoid of passion

And intimacy

Completely boxed in

Yearning to be free

To express

That side of myself

That is beyond ready

To get the f**k off this shelf!!!

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