The Stepping Stone

So I briefly let you in

Thought that I could win

The heart of someone new

The door was open and you walked through

So I let my guard down

Fell under your spell and hung around

Spent the night together

Cause you made me feel special

But then the morning came

And I had to vacate

Go back to reality

That’s when you said goodbye to me

For the last time

Though it was the first time

You walked away

No more to say

It now feels like a dream

Did it happen, was it real?

Were you a figment of my imagination?

Cause you ain’t given no explanation!

And so the story ends

No more to say, not even friends

The hours we shared, they went so fast

In the blink of an eye, it wasn’t meant to last

I’m not sorry but I feel pain

Seems you lied and it was all in vain

A pretty facade, a glam smoke screen

And then you vanished right off the scene

Ha! I should’ve been wiser

I’m not young anymore – should’ve recognised that

You were out to have some fun

No intention of investing in someone

For more than an evening

So let’s be realistic

I was had and although I’m mad

I won’t let this break me and make me sad

Cause I’m better than that

And you’re the one that lost out

I’ve got so much to give

The life is good that I live

You didn’t get to know me at all

You scratched the surface – we had a close call

I was spared cause something better’s to come

And you were just a stepping stone.

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