Flying fuckers

With a sting in their tail

In the dead of night

Do they prevail

Rampant hunters

Hungry for blood

They seek out body parts

And annihilate them good

Piercing your skin

Until it itches and swells

Weeping puss

Irritating as hell

Clusters of bumps

All over the place

Sometimes on your arse

Even on your face

How do they crawl

Into every nook and cranny?

Their desire to feed

Is alarming and uncanny

Buzzing around

Like kamikaze assassins

Flying vampires

Vile and nasty

A pleasant evening spent

Down by the lake

Making merriment

Until you awake

To find yourself covered

From head to toe

In massive, throbbing welts

That cause you much woe

Angry and sore

You scratch until they bleed

It’s the only way

To get a reprieve

Oh to exterminate

The disgusting shits

Oh to wipe them off the face of the earth

For making me itch

What purpose do they serve?

Except to bring misery?

When they descend on you en mass

Whilst you sleep

I’ve tried lavender oil

Tea tree and citronella

But nothing can extinguish

The prickliness of these fellas

You can try to swot them

And watch them splatter

But there’s plenty more where they came from

So it’s a pointless battle

They outnumber us

In the summer months

Oh how I despise mosquitos

The airborne little cunts.

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