Radio Gaga

Gratitude costs nothing

Appreciation doesn’t either

But you were given something

Free and showed me neither

I don’t know you at all

Nor do I wish to now

I just know that I feel robbed

Energetically cheated somehow

You shouldn’t have behaved

In such an inappropriate way

When someone showed you kindness

And with your attitude, ruined my day

If I could wind back the clock

I’d have done this differently

But I guess we live and learn

Next time will I wiser be

Seems if something doesn’t have a price

It’s deemed worthless I’m sad to say

What a sorry state of affairs

What a complete and utter dismay

Should we all be mercenary?

Out to make a profit?

You were so tight you didn’t even smile!

Let alone reach into your pocket

Well, shame on you!

I hope you’re happy

I treasured that radio

Maybe it’ll make you less snappy

Maybe the music it plays

Will iron your creases out

Raise your dreary vibrations

It did me so I have no doubt

That if you listen to it

Loud enough

It’ll make you dance

And hopefully cheer you up

So that perhaps one day

You’ll find it in your heart

To pass on the sentiment

And not be such a miserable fart!

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