The Beast Within

Trying to tame

The beast within

When resentment and anger

Surface again

Trying to tame

My acid tongue

When emotions boil over

And the red mist comes

Trying to sit with it

Not spew and vent

Processing so much

Afterwards feeling spent

Wrestling with the urge

To pull the trigger

Unleashing destruction

Entreating something bigger

To intervene

And take the sting away

So that I don’t just let rip

And come to regret this day

To pour soothing balm

Over what’s spitting inside

So that I may conduct myself

With dignity and pride

Refraining from unleashing

An atomic bomb

Like the old me most certainly

Would have done

Tying myself in knots

Trying to transmute

Rage into compassion

Not recklessly put in the boot

Until finally inspiration

Somehow filters through

Calming the waters

And my fever too

And thus fell they into place

This little collection of words

And my gun was instantly disarmed

And nobody did get hurt.

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