To My Fallen Fellows

No one’s judging you

We know you’re not weak

You’re just suffering from

A terrible disease

We just love you

We all care

We want to help you

We want to be there

To bring you back

From the brink

None of us want

Your ship to sink

You are beautiful

You are kind

So vivacious

When your spirit shines

You are needed

We miss you so

Know that we are here for you

Know you’re not alone

Please pick up the phone

Please reply to our texts

Please open up the door

We just want to protect

You from your demons

You were doing so well

But this situation

We know is a living hell

Please reach out

Make a call

To any of us

We’ll catch you before you fall

Don’t give up

Stop while you still can

We entreat you to be courageous

And accept our outstretched hands!

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