Divine Timing

Timing is everything

It’s important to get it right

But sometimes we have no control

Over what happens in our lives

When I was taking some time

Things spiralled out of control

A series of events

Sparked something to unfold

Which ultimately set me free

A blessing in disguise

And now the dust has settled

I see with clearer eyes

It had to happen this way

For it was taken out of my hands

I didn’t need to act

For God did have a plan

And now I have what I wished for

I can move forward with my life

For He is in control

And no more shall there be strife

And His timing is always

Perfect without a doubt

He knows what He is doing

So don’t question the ins and outs

Just trust that all is well

When He is at the helm

And then sit back and relax

And be at peace within your realm.

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