The calm after the storm

What is rightfully mine returned

Peace of mind restored

Necessary bridges burned

The threat to my security

Dealt with by the law

Fraudulent activity

Finally is no more

The burden has been lifted

That had weighed me down so

Free at last from anguish

An opportunity now for growth

I thank my Higher Power

For whispering in my ear

Illuminating my path

When I was crippled with fear

I thank the Universe

For breaking me out of β€˜jail’

For I had done my time

And justice has prevailed

I thank the Fellowship

For curing me of my disease

For steering me through the storm

When I was on my knees

God does certainly work

In mysterious ways

And He will clear all obstacles

With His amazing grace

Courage can sometimes fail you

Anxiety can eat you up

But if you have Faith inside you

You will never be stuck.

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