Breaking Away

When being with someone

Makes you feel more alone

It’s obvious something’s wrong

And the connection is gone

When someone doesn’t value your presence

Whilst you are physically there

It’s hard to take but you must make that break

And leave because they clearly don’t care

You are worthy of their undivided attention

It should really be a given

There’s no point in wasting your precious time

It may be hard but it’s the right decision

So cut your losses and walk away

Go where you’re wanted and welcome

Cut the tie that causes pain

Do it for self-preservation

Don’t be a glutton for punishment

Caught in a vicious circle

It’s madness to expect a different outcome

And will only lead to torture infernal

Don’t be made to feel invisible

Rise up, step into your power

Don’t allow your voice to be ignored

Stand tall and as proud as a tower

Don’t ever be taken for granted

Or driven to the end of your tether

Be fearless and seek pastures new

Knowing that you deserve better.

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