Easter 202 – Live From The Attic!

The Easter Bunny
Came to town
But unfortunately
It was during lockdown

And all of the inmates
Were stuck in their cells
And couldn’t do an egg hunt
Unless it was by themselves

But that wasn’t much fun
As you can probably guess
So some of them sulked
And frowned in protest

They wanted to gather
With family and chums
Play together
Laugh and have fun

Instead of being isolated
And home alone
But this wasn’t allowed
So they made do with the phone

Even Jesus
Had to postpone
His second coming
As he was forbidden to leave his tomb

So he sat by himself
Waiting it out
Crucified again
With a mask over his mouth

The inmates did know
It wouldn’t last forever
And they looked forward to the time
They again could be together

But until that day came
They would have to make do
With raiding the fridge
Or joining a massive queue

Outside the shops
And then going for a jog
Two metres apart
Around the block

The effort they put in
To stay indoors
Wouldn’t be forgotten
Even if they were bored

Sitting on their arses
Was making history
And all part of the fight
Against COVID-19.

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