Waiting for that call to come

Was like waiting for lockdown to end

As the minutes ticked by and I sat by the phone

I wondered if we were still friends

You only said might

And I took it for granted

It was a glimmer of light

And the seed was planted

But the call didn’t come

And I cannot complain

You didn’t make a promise

No need for you to explain

I’ll just have to lower

My expectations

We’re not on the same page

I’m not experiencing vexation

I was simply looking forward

After a long, lonely day

To having a conversation

And seeing your face

But you might be tired

Need time alone

I know that you’re troubled

I’m not having a moan

I’ll just have to distance

Myself a bit

I don’t want to jump

Into a sinking ship

I offered you a lifeline

And that is all

That you didn’t need to take it

Isn’t your fault

It’s tough being isolated

When the world is closed

All I ask, especially now,

Is that you don’t raise my hopes.

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