During this pandemic

I’m stockpiling hugs

And when it’s all over

I’m pulling the plug

And unleashing the lot

On all I hold dear

Those far and wide

I yearn to be near

My heart is brimming

Full of hugs

For those that I care about

And Jesus it’s tough

But they won’t go to waste

They’re just getting stronger

I’ve got so many to give

I can wait a little longer

So I’m hoarding those hugs

And making a list

Of everyone upon whom

I’m going to inflict

The hug of the millennium

So that these people know

How much I genuinely care

And how much I’ve missed them so

I don’t care if I hug them

Within an inch of their lives

I’m going to hug them so hard

They never have to think twice

About how much they mean

To little old me

And how much it hurts

When them I can’t see

Physical human contact

When forbidden is craved

We shouldn’t take it for granted

Ever again

To shake someone’s hand

Or give them a kiss

Is a priceless privilege

A precious gift

We all need cuddles

To keep us alive

A pair of comforting arms around us

From time to time

And that time will come


So I’m stockpiling hugs

Until I can set them all free.

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