Virtual Insanity

Feel myself descending

Through that safety net

Beyond the point of no return

The point where I forget

All about my troubles

And the world outside

And find myself being swept away

On the most blissful tide

Feel myself filling up

With optimism and hope

Eager to start each new day

Because of the nights we spoke

Fluttering excitement

In the pit of my tummy

Radiates outwards all over me

Til I’m tingling, happy and sunny

A spring now in my step

Because I virtually saw your face

Though I could barely look you in the eye

So nervous did it me make

Who knows what the future holds

For these are uncertain times

And the miles and miles between us

Cannot be denied

But my heart is actually stirring

From it’s perpetual slumber

The emotions that are awakening

Are increasing in number

And I feel truly blessed

To have found this special connection

Which under such unique circumstances

Affords me comfort and affection

Whether when the lockdown ends

This will continue and we’ll still be friends

Remains to be seen – but I’d like that for sure

In fact, if I’m honest, I’d that and more…

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