The Buccaneer



Wide awake

At this hour



I writhe in bed


My mind is racing


And yet

Somehow serene

Having given my will

Over to God

All I can do

Is wait and see

Duvet thrown asunder

I simply stare into space

Something’s shifting inside of me

Something’s taking place

How beauteous is this state?

That I find myself in?

This is what I was yearning for

To feel this way again

My heart’s been dormant

For so long

Shattered once

It needed to get strong

So I locked it away

In my treasure chest

Where it gathered dust

And cobwebs

The map I also

Buried deep

But somehow it was discovered

Along with the key

And ever so slowly

Do I now find

That what I thought was dead

Is being coaxed back to life

The current cursing through me

Has jump-started the beat

Of this battered organ

And my blood I can feel reheat

Where it once ran cold

Thus an ice maiden I became

Burning up and thawing out

Etched on my mind his name

The accidental buccaneer

Now a Prince in my ‘fairy tale’

Yet I care not if the ending is happy

I just care that love does prevail

For I never did expect

To encounter it again

Hence this old heart of mine

Was reluctantly laid to rest

And now am I in heaven

Or perhaps the afterlife

If it’s so then let me tell you

It is pure paradise

Thus would I bask here

For eternity, if I might

If not I’ll take this moment

Hence why I can’t sleep tonight.

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