Knew I missed you

But didn’t realise how much

Until I saw your face

On a screen but couldn’t touch

Until I saw your smile

The twinkle in your eye

That’s when it hit me how much I miss you

That’s when I wanted to cry

But I had to put on

A brave face, it’s true

Couldn’t let you see me breaking

Just couldn’t do that to you

Because I know you’d do most anything

To be with me through difficult times

You even called your doctor

But he ordered you not to risk your life!

And so it is that we are miles apart

And I couldn’t hug you on Mother’s Day

The uncertainty and longevity

Of this lockdown just isn’t ok

But if it means I’ll have you for longer

I’ll do whatever it takes

If it means you don’t catch the virus

These sacrifices I will make

Just know that I’ve got my eye on you too

And am protecting you from a distance

And when the time’s right I’ll jump in my car

Even if I have to join the resistance

I love you, mum,

More than words can describe

Look after yourself

Please stay inside.

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