Make It Stop!!!

Branded have I been

Condemned to wear a badge of ‘shame’

Repeatedly being stigmatised

By medical ‘professionals’ who like to blame

Every symptom I have

On the fact that TEN YEARS AGO

I happened to lose the plot

For a moment or so

Pinned at the top of my notes

Does it state this fact

And now it seems everything I experience

Must surely be traced back to that

I’m sick and tired of having to fight

To be taken seriously

I’m sick of having to pander and beg

So that never again will I not be free

It shouldn’t be allowed

The slate should be wiped clean

I’ve done my time and tow the line

No relapses have there been

Well I refuse to take it anymore

Enough is now enough

And with the support of MIND

I will fight this – however tough

It is to get them to see

It’s blatant discrimination

I deserve to be treated like anyone else

Regardless of the situation

So to anyone out there

Who’s encountered the very same

And who is now battling

To clear their blackened name

Make that call

Get an advocate

And once and for all

Make the stigma STOP!

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