One Love

‘United we stand

Divided we fall’

Though we are physically separated

In this together are we all

So keep in touch


Comfort each other

Do not spread hate

The future is uncertain

We know not what is to come

But we can still reach out

To each and everyone

This is the time

To cast aside

Our differences

And to each other be kind

We all are suffering

In different ways

We do not handle things

Exactly the same

Love each other

Now more than ever

If someone falls silent

Send them a message

Give someone a call

Suggest a video date

We know not when we’ll meet again

So do not hesitate

We have the means

To stay connected

Virtually, verbally, vibrationally

Though bodily segregated

House Party, Skype

FaceTime and Zoom

Hours of fun

From your living room

There is no need

To feel alone

Even in self-isolation

There’s always someone to phone

Any petty irritations

Perhaps one time you felt

Should now be instant history

For that person may perhaps need help

Open up your heart

As wide as you possibly can

Reveal your deepest feelings

Show abundant compassion

For in consciousness

We all are one


Daughters and sons

Soul to soul


Never island entities

Whatever you may think

When this eventually is over

Let us remember only that

What didn’t kill us made us stronger

For each other was all we had.

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