The Invisible Assassin

And the lockdown was rolled out

Like an incoming tsunami’s tide

Incremental waves of restriction

Engulfed our liberty in a sea of spies

Unprecedented surveillance

Even civilians named and shamed

As society gradually fractured

Whilst it’s very foundations did shake

The invisible assassin

Unleashed knew no bounds

Airborne and ultimately deadly

Like wildfire it spread around

The people were petrified

Into desperate submission

They cried out to the powers that be

And demanded a solution

To be protected

By the state

Thus a totalitarian system

Was being put in place

Global house arrest

The unprecedented measure taken

Forced to segregate

They dwelt in self-isolation

For how long

Could not be said

But this was preferable

If it protected them from death

And so they obeyed

And did as instructed

Barely challenging

Announcements from the ‘pulpit’

At this time of uncertainty

Others kept heightened emotions in check

Entreated their loved ones to inhale the light

And though anxious be circumspect

“Let go of fear but be vigilant

Human rights are being eroded

Let us not get complacent

About laws which to democracy are corrosive

Question everything

And as and when this has passed

Demand again that these draconian rules

Are completely and utterly rolled back”

For the invisible assassin

May indeed advance far and wide

But the implications for our future freedom

Need to be temporary and justified.

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