The World

Peeling back the layers

Wondering who I am

Evaluating everything

Ascertaining what is a sham

Digging deep within

Listening to the call of my soul

It’s screaming at me to do something

Yet what I don’t actually know

Clearly I’ve been exasperated

Entrapped by circumstance

Literally dying to free myself

Given half a chance

The road ahead is uncertain

Not sure which direction to take

But treading water isn’t working

And I feel it’s make or break

If I stagnate I’ll surely go mad

I’m already borderline there

Monumentally overburdened

Not of myself taking care

But rather soldiering on

Like a snow plough through a blizzard

Churning through great walls of ice

In dire need of a Wizard

Who’ll wave a magic wand

And make all my dreams come true

So that I can find respite

From what I’ve been putting myself through

For nobody made me

Make the choices I made

Though some perhaps influenced

The fact that I’ve stayed

For so long

In an ill-fitting place

Climbing a mountain

Too vast to negotiate

Trying to stay afloat

On an infinite, untamed ocean

That tosses me this way and that

And is constantly in motion

Clinging on for dear life

To the raft that I commandeered

Terrified of the water

Which never before have I feared

I used to just take the plunge

Without ever thinking twice

Run and jump just like that!

Almost taking flight

I saw it as an adventure

A thrilling dip on this rollercoaster ride

Exhilarating though my heart was in my mouth

No intention of suicide

But that was when I was young

And fearless and naive

That was when I had the balls

And unlimited energy

Older now

I proceed with caution

Wary of pitfalls

Intuition distorted

Having had my faith shaken

I almost struggle to trust

But they’re urging me onwards

And I must be robust

For if I don’t do

What I know I must

They’ll force me somehow

And that could be tough

Best it’s my decision

To make that change

Take that chance

And not hesitate

Best I follow

My heart and my head

Which now are in tandem

I just need the strength

To board that Chariot

And take the reigns

Steer my course

And not remain

In this situation

I’ve found myself in

It’s time to say adieu

And begin again

Start from scratch

For this cycle has almost played out

As confirmed by The World card

Which has left me in no doubt.

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