The Wheel

The Wheel

Broken once

Boundaries shattered

Faith destroyed

Nothing mattered

Nothing to live for

Estranged from God

Hopeless and abandoned

Cast out, unloved

A lifeline offered

With a price tag

She took it all the same

It was all she had

And for a while

It served its purpose

Alleviating the loneliness

But it made her nervous

Off the beaten

Track was she

In uncharted waters

Albeit set free

Free to live

And love again

A lighter heart

Anaesthetising pain

But this road was perilous

And the further she went

Into the enchanted forest

Did she begin to repent

But the Wolf Moon then rose

β€˜Twas the witching hour

Suddenly she was possessed

Deprived of her willpower

She succumbed to the demon

All hell broke loose

And when dawn broke

The awful truth

She was caught in a vice

No seeming way out

Only back into that pit

She not so long had climbed out

Oh Lord, what to do?

Then she heard His voice

A small word in her ear

A whisper, a barely audible noise

A call to arms

Which she acted upon

Just one syllable

But like firing a gun

This shot in the dark

Was all she had

When all was at stake

And she was woefully sad

Gripped with fear

And frustration

In a maze

No sense of salvation

Suddenly hope was restored

And she grabbed it with both hands

Prayed for a solution

And He obliged with a plan

Thus the Wheel of Fortune

Turned in her favour

And she was reconnected

With her Saviour.

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