Big Up Or Shut Up

Spread love not hate


Each other’s success

Share the happiness

Don’t cast a dark shadow

When someone else is doing well

Be supportive

Not jealous as hell

We all deserve

The good things in life

A sprinkling of stardust

Should be everyone’s right

If people bring you down

When you are on the up

They clearly don’t deserve you

It’s so messed up

The green eyed monster

Should not prevail

Don’t stand for its antics

Turn on your tail

If your tribe can’t provide you

With a genuine smile

When you’re proud of an achievement

Then run a mile

Life can be tough

Solidarity should be sought

Not rivalry, oneupmanship

And negative retorts

Surround yourself

With your biggest fans

The ones on your wavelength

Who’ll shake your hand

The ones who’ve got your back

Through thick and thin

Who big you up

And want you to win

Those who’ll help lift you

When you reach for the skies

Who won’t be staring daggers

From behind envious green eyes.

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