The Key

When your peace of mind

Is shattered to bits

And you worry about everything

When little things

Really get on your t**s

And you’re anxious about what tomorrow will bring

When you dread getting up

And facing the day

And your stomach is tied up in knots

When you question your sanity

Along the way

And you feel like you’ve lost your guts

Search within, go deep inside

Connect with your centre

With your arms open wide

Seek tranquility

And your own inner peace

Soothe yourself when your strength is weak

Find that distant

Chink of light in the dark

Like the star of Bethlehem

Follow its lead

β€˜Til it lights up your heart

And your inner voice finally begins to sing

Immerse yourself

In that which you love

Retreat into your protective shell

Batten down the hatches

Convene with your soul

And perhaps with the angels as well

No one is alone in this universe

No matter how it may feel

No matter how you may hurt

The Divine belongs

To one and all

And is there for the taking, if you will

We all are cherished

Even when we fall

No one is condemned to hell

So breathe, my friend,

Inhale deeply the light

Feel it’s radiance replenish and restore

Learn your worth

Stand up and fight

Love thyself a little more

Have faith in YOU

And Heaven above

And go knock, knock, knocking on its gate

You have the key

To open that door

Do it now – don’t hesitate!

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