Snake In The Grass

Would you jump

Into my grave as quick?

If I was dead

Would you want a bit?

A piece of the action

Would you cling on to my coat tails

And be a stowaway in my coffin

Or basically into my back fire nails?

Just like with the Ten Of Swords

I am almost dead

Will you now hijack the angel

I fly to heaven with?

Without having the courtesy

To simply ask for a lift

Would you rather be a snake in the grass

Sneak around and hiss?

You’re not the first

And I doubt you’ll be the last

I’ve seen the likes of you before,

Mr Snake In The Grass

And no matter how many times

I’ve heard this expression before

Imitation aint the highest form of flattery

It’s a parasite feasting on you

From behind closed doors

All you had to do

Was be upfront and honest

Tell me what you were up to

Instead of keeping it under the bonnet

Well, you’ve violated my trust

And it will never be restored

Safe to say I don’t need

A ‘friendship’ like yours

To ensure I learn from this

I’ll consign you to the scrap heap

Cut all ties hence forth

For I can do without deceit

And in future ever more

Will I my own council keep

For why should you off the back of

another’s hard work

Such precious benefits reap?!

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