Red Mist

Tomorrow is

A brand new day

Hopefully by then

All this fury will have gone away

I may not sleep

For I seethe through every pore

My blood is boiling

I rage like a wild boar

But I will bite my tongue

For now at least

And to my addled mind

I shall endeavour to restore peace

I gave you the benefit

Of the doubt

But your retort fuelled the flames

And the furnace is yet to burn out

I fear I saw your true colours

And did they I despise

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

Diminished could you be in my eyes

I may have misconstrued

The words that you wrote

Yet I suspect I did not

For on language do you also dote

Thus lying livid

In my bed

Your careless words

Resound in my head

The wound you inflicted

Gaping and sore

Compounded by the distinct lack

Of a shred of remorse

I want to curse you

Proclaim you a c**t

Expletives seem the only

Appropriate response

But I know how unpretty

Unbridled anger can be

The one human emotion

We should sugar-coat, apparently

Shouldn’t we all just project

Sweetness and light?

Hoy realism out the window

Pretend everything’s alright?

Vomit stunning sunbeams?

S**t rainbows and stars?

Not disclose the ugly stuff

Conceal our scars?

Yes, I digress

But despite what I’ve gleaned

I feel certain things

Are better out than in

Otherwise they brew

Toxify your insides

Drive you insane

Or cause you to commit crimes

I never killed anyone today

I simply vented my spleen

Using prose

As oppose to a machine

Gun trained on the object

Of my wrath

Though the red mist did rise

There was no actual bloodbath.

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