DD-Cup Cakes

The lemon muffins on display

In Starbucks are quite rude

Positioned in pairs, with pointed iced tips

They look suspiciously like boobs

Turned over on their sides

Full and bursting out

They immediately caught my eye

And made me laugh out loud

Like bulging bosoms

Veritable sugar β€˜tits’

I actually cracked a smile

And almost lost my s**t!

What cheeky little chappy

Was the author of this joke?

That brightened up my morning

As I trudged to work in the snow?

He must be a breast man

Bazookas his weakness

Harbouring an obsession

With the female chest

To liken them to muffins

Is actually quite strange

Perhaps he’s fixated with Mary’s Berries

From her Bake-Off days

Or maybe it’s simply just

My own silly, warped mind

That associates muffins with mammaries

Because there’s two turned on their sides

Who knows, but it tickled me pink

And I totally had to share

For the sight of them made me happy

So forgive me for going there…

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