Humbled Thanks

If you’re reading this forgive me

If I’ve appeared weak

If I’ve displayed my hurt 

And anger whilst feeling bleak

Been to hell and back

Through the mincing machine

Now trying to get my life back on track

And wipe that filthy slate clean

Still processing so much

Feeling fragile so to speak

But the worst is over now

And peace of mind do I seek

Wrung out, over tired

I search for inner strength

Seems I’ve forgotten how to pray 

Yet am desperate to reconnect

The thunderstorm has passed

And vindicated have I been

Bathed in compassion

Most unexpectedly

Yes, the earthquake hit

But the cavalry arrived

It’s now the aftershocks

That I hope will soon subside

And though I’m on shaky ground 

I know who’s got my back

And these angels have lifted me up

Shielded me from attack

All along I was protected

Although I didn’t know

I’ve had to face some of my worst fears

But hopefully I will grow

Thank you to all

Who’ve been there for me

I’m filled with gratitude

So overwhelmed I can barely speak 🙏💜💪🏻

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