F**k With Me Not!

That wonderful feeling 

When you finally snap

After tolerating bullshit

For so long you hit back

You take it on the chin

As much as you can bear

For the sake of a peaceful life

Duping twats into thinking you’re scared

When in actual fact

You simply choose your battles


Even though you may be rattled

For you’ve better things to do

Than rise to childish bate

You’re a hippy and a lover

An opt not to participate

However there is a limit

And eventually you blow

Come out with all guns blazing

Your true warrior colours on show

A force to be reckoned with

No shrinking violet are you

When you’re on a mission

There is no stopping you

So beware the little Hitlers

And one upmanship brigade

Beware those who take the piss

And those who would have you enslaved

You have a right to be here

And deserve a level of respect

You’re not a fucking number

Or a machine that fulfills requests

You’re a beautifully complex

Human being

With your own shit to deal with

And a life to lead

You shouldn’t have to apologise

Beg, borrow or steal

You shouldn’t have to bow down to others

Who feel they reign supreme

We all should be treated as equals

The hierarchy defunct and abolished

No one is better than anyone else

And such thoughts therein demolished

We’re all born, we all die

And we all need to shit

We all look the same naked

So deal with it

Money, rank

and birth shouldn’t matter

And if you believe it does

You’re as mad as a hatter

If you’re on this planet

And live and breathe

You’re worth your weight in gold

So don’t fucking mess with me.

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