Tired But Wired

Oh dear, have I messed up!

Caffeined to the max

Four double macchiatos and an Irish coffee

I fear a heart attack!

Supposed to be getting an early night 

But I’m wired to the moon

Charged like a Duracell battery

I’m such a dizzy spoon

With the weather so dreary

And me so glum

I drowned my sorrows

In several coffee cups

Trying to lift

My heavy spirits

Sans alcohol

But I’m over the limit

My head is buzzing

And kinda hurts

I twitch and sweat

At times I jerk

What to do?

On a Wednesday

With all this pizazz 

That is here to stay

Can’t exactly party

When I’m up at the crack of dawn

And when I’m on a detox

And I’d planned to be alone

Is there an antidote?

A sedative I can take?

Or shall I go for a 10 hour hike

And resign myself to staying awake?

Now I’ve heard that Red bull

Gives you wings

But this is pure rocket fuel

Designed for orbit and space and things

Not what you need

When you’ve a big day ahead

And what you should really be doing

Is snuggling up sleeping in bed!

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