For Lucas 

Dearest Lucas

You bundle of scrum

It’s darling to meet you

I hope we’ll be chums

You’re all soft and squidgy

And minuscule 

You smell like buttermilk

And make us all drool

I held you tonight

And fell in love

You melted my heart

And made it thud

My first GREAT nephew 

Offspring of Mush

The initial nephew 

Who was also cute and lush

Just in time for Christmas 

Oh what a gift

A gurgling, bouncing baby 

Who could resist?

The charm of ‘Little Legs’

And what he’ll become

As he embarks on his life 

Guided by his Dad and Mum

I think you are awesome 

So welcome to the fold

Even if it makes me

Feel really old

I’m still glad you’re here

And that is a fact

So much love and snuggles

Your Great Aunt Rach 😘

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