Lost At Sea?

My ship is sinking

Going down

Trouble and strife

Me surrounds

I stand alone

As water floods in

My bow is breaking

The waves are too big

Is it self destruction

Or being a victim of circumstance?

What does it matter?

I’ll soon be sank

Food for the fishes

Lying on the sea bed

In my watery grave

Yay, perhaps better off when dead

I surrender to the tide

Can’t fight this anymore

Been treading water for way too long

Now tired drown I for sure

So long my friends

And lovers past

Au revoir family

Guess I wasn’t built to last

I’d say it’s been a hoot

But right now I feel defeat

Maybe on the day of reckoning

I’ll see it differently

Until then I shall close my eyes

Inhale the salt water in

Praying that I rest in peace

When in my liquid coffin.

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