The Littlest Star

The sun and the moon

Had a terrible fight

The petrified stars

Could not shine that night

A thunderstorm

With lightening bolts

Because the sun got mad

His rays red hot

He burnt the moon 

And thus the moon waned

One of the stars

Supernovad away

The littlest star

Got caught in between

But she was too small

To intervene

She shone close to the moon

So the moon could wax

But the moon couldn’t maintain

It’s light and collapsed

Into a crescent

Barely there and dim

And then the moon fled

From the sun and hid

The littlest star panicked

Twinkled as brightly as she could

A desperate SOS 

To the celestial neighbourhood

Finally an Angel

Answered her call

And the littlest star

Explained it all

The Angel told her

She must speak to God

Only He could prevent 

A catastrophic flood

So the littlest star

Prayed to Him

And He agreed

He needed to step in

To ascertain why

The sun burst into flames

Was he bewitched?

Possessed? Deranged?

And he summoned the sun

To the planet Mars

To stand before Him

And be judged for the scars

He’d inflicted on the moon

To be held to account

To establish what

It was all about

The moon went mute

She was afraid of the sun

Only the littlest star

Could reveal what happened

But what a monumental task

Before God to stand

And expose the sun

For his heavy hand

Alas, the littlest star

Innately could not lie

She’d witnessed the sun’s antics

As he’d dominated the sky

She too had been scorched

By several of his flares

But of the consequences of testifying

She was scared

She was caught between

A rock and a hard place

Torn in two

She felt she might break

The burden was heavy

She couldn’t help but cry

She had no one to lean on

But she had to do what was right

As the Day drew nearer

She tried to gather strength

God was determined 

The sun would repent

And thus the clock ticks

The sand trickles through the glass

As they all wait on tenterhooks 

For justice to be passed.

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