I am myself

I belong to me

I don’t belong to you

I shall set myself free

You have no power

Over me anymore

I no longer love you

For my heart is sore

From being drained of blood

When you wounded me so

That I could not heal

Or stem the flow

As I haemorrhaged

From being cut open wide

Til my broken heart shrivelled

And almost died 

Til I could not breathe

From the searing pain

Til I could not cry

Like clouds wrung out of rain

Til I could not feel

For I’d turned to stone

A partial ice queen I became

For my blood ran cold 

And thus did it die

The bond that we had

The bond that had made me

Always come back

Severed now forever

For you killed a part of me

No pulse have I

When it comes to thee

Ever the β€˜victim’

No remorse

No empathy

In denial, of course

Of what you really are –

A narcissist 

Well, I’ve survived thus far

Now you are dismissed.

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