Left in limbo

Suspended in mid air

Swinging neither left nor right

The Hanged Man can but stare


Can’t make any plans

Or even act upon

My intense gut instinct

That currently burns so strong


The wheel is a-turning

Certain things must fall away

But the motion is too slow

And I’m stuck β€˜til it shifts again


Patience never was

A virtue of mine

Impulsive I am

Once I’ve made up my mind


I long to break free

From the shackles I am in

But circumstance dictates

I must pause for the interim


Everything hinges

On what happens next

I await my opponent’s move

In this interminable game of chess


It seems we’re in check

But I pray not in mate

I may be a pawn

But it’s still not too late


The underdog can triumph

In spite of the odds

It’s not always the case

That prevails the law of sods


The universe must provide

If one plays by the rules

Adheres to its principles

Then no way can one lose


So I’ll bide my time

Meditate and pray

That the solution for my highest good

Ultimately comes my way.

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