As the wheel turned
A new cycle began

She shed the last like a skin
She prayed that a butterfly

Would materialise 

From the ugly cocoon she’d been in
Shackled, in chains 

For way too long

Finally she’d broken free
Opened her eyes

As if for the first time

Like she’d been blind but now could see
A shift in perspective

As she regarded her face

Reflected back from the glass
No longer macabre

But cleansed and fresh

Forgiven and purged at last
The self-loathing that afflicted

Had burnt itself out

All had been forgiven
Now she was at peace

Within and without 

Thanks to reciting the act of contrition
And thus a clean slate

A blank page was laid out

Full of potential and promise
All she need do

Was write the next chapter

And venture forward as honest
As she possibly could be

With herself and the world

No hiding behind smoke screens
For only by being

True to yourself

Can you live the life of your dreams.

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